Decorative leather straight from the manufacturer


Beautiful, soft and healthy – sheepskin from the Podhale region

Perfect for long autumn evenings. Applicable for car driving. Irreplaceable decoration for armchairs, sofas, beds and whole household. Sheepskin, unlikely to the other elements of our houses is 100% natural. The product is eye-friendly, delicate for skin and warming when it’s cold.

Choose the type you wish:

  • White: white leather is most tradtional and unchanged product, 100% original.
  • Natural colors: this leather is original and natural, sheepskin colour has been preserved in 100%
  • Mouflon: this is the sort of leather which that we give the color from the top in light or dark brown.

Why it is worth-buying?

Highest quality (constantly controlled modern production line after full modernization)
We control the quality at each stage of the production of a particular product.
Our skin is FREE from holes, patches or other defects. They are not there!
We use 100% natural resources throughout the product process (we care for your health)
– The leather is very beautiful, fluffy, shiny and does NOT cause skin irritation, and contact with the product is a healthy sensation.
We tan the leather like the oldest highlanders: carefully, tirelessly and precisely, so that the final product DOES NOT contain the sawdust nor remains.
We learned from the best folk experts.
– unlikely to other manufacturers.
We are well-known in the Podhale region as trustworthy people and the leather we are manufaacturing deserves a recommendation.
From Janosik products already in the initial stage of production unpleasant odors are removed. The leather has a neutral scent.
Many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers (we have been manufacturing the leather since 1985)
Our great knowledge and constant striving after perfection causes that the leather has no equal!
We import it to many countries which proves that it is worth buying.
With larger quantities possible discounts!


Our products are primarily:

  • Highest quellity (Controlling all the time, modern product line after full modernization)
  • Many years of experience and hundreds of happy clients (We made skins since 1985)
  • 100% natural means in product process (We care about Your health)
  • Great present for every opportunity
  • Skins are looking most beautiful next to fireplace, on the floor, stairs, armchair and a lot of places in house



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